Asus VivoBook S400C, Notebook Windows 8 with Touch Screen Feature

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Asus took Microsoft to popularize Windows 8. ASUS VivoBook S400 notebook device is one of the devices running the operating system Windows 8.

ASUS VivoBook becomes even more unique to wear Windows 8. Surely it would be a new experience for notebook users with a typical touch screen features of Windows 8. Buried the third generation Intel Ivy Brigde make these devices more powerful performance. The elegant design makes appearances "Asus VivoBook S400" typical to be very interesting.

These various intension of VivoBook S400:

Design and Features

VivoBook S400 brings ultrabook concept, which emphasizes thinness and light weights. Highest thickness of only 2.1 cm in length and a width of 33.9 x 23.9 cm. and weighing 1.9 kg. Although ultrabook category, but weighs more than categories defined Intel, which is between 1.2 to 1.36 kg.

This notebook is performed with a simple design, with a screen size of 14 inches. It makes a lot of wide space for the keyboard, palm rest area (palm area), as well touchpad.

VivoBook S400 14-inch screen comes with an intuitive touch screen frameless, using a resolution of 1366 x 768 p. make the image look sharp in this ultrabook.

With Windows 8 a new concept that uses the uniqueness of tile, of course with sharp image will further satisfy users in a new experience in Windows 8. In addition to innovative touchscreen, the screen is also present in the solid material, which is resistant to scratches.

Thus, when exploring this notebook screen, users can feel the sensation of touch tablet style.

For space VivoBook S400 keyboard is almost evenly with fairly wide and soft keys. The distance between the keys was also well preserved, thus minimizing errors due to lack of space type keyboard. However, the keyboard does not come with a backlight, making it somewhat difficult to use in the dark.

If the user is bored with touch screen experience, there is still a responsive touchpad like when your finger touches the screen. Palm rest area is quite comfortable and spacious, not so slippery, enough to accommodate both hands.

Not only the screen, the outside of the notebook VivoBook is also made of a solid material. The front is smooth and attractive eyes.

Though the design is simple, this device comes with full connectivity. The left side there is two USB ports, audio jacks and a SD card. The right side of the power input, VGA, HDMI port, USB 3.0 and LAN.


In this notebook embedded processors from Intel, Ivy Bridge Dual Core i3, also support Intel HD Graphics 4000. So the process of responsive performance, while trying to run games and applications, and does not arise lag when browsing use. Series Intel graphics also make the image sharper.

As categories ultrabook, VivoBook S400 is certainly offering instant on speed. But when a couple of times trying to reach 4 seconds. To shutdown took 3.93 seconds. From sleep mode on the main menu takes towards 3.98 seconds, and 1 minute to restart achieve.

In the Windows Experience Index measurement, with the highest scale of 9.9, the processor has a score of 6.3. RAM Memory has a score of 5.9 of a second, the game graphics for 3D gaming and graphics performance at 6.2 and the average hard disk data transfer achieved a score of 5.9.

However, the performance of desktop graphics occupies the lowest score, with a score of 4.7.
Power management of the batteries can last 4 hours to supply browsing, streaming light and normal. While charging the battery enough for it takes 2 hours.

Innovations ASUS SonicMaster audio produced quite satisfactory. Embedded audio produces a loud sound, although the location of the sound is at the bottom left and right side of the notebook.

Windows 8

The new operating system provides a different experience. Interface design comes in the form of variations in tile, including tile is live and updates.
Live tile this tile is on display such social networking accounts, search engines, news portals, email, to the movement of the stock. Tile can also be customized, changed the location and default as the user desires.

As per typical Windows 8, to access the tile-tile is certainly better by doing touch. For these operating systems, users can swap to shift the interface. In addition, the navigation interface can also be done with a touchpad.

To start the main menu, users simply swapping light on the left of the screen or move the pointer, then you will see several options based search applications, settings files, and others. In the default option is also featured sharing options to various devices and settings and notifications notebook. Simply with a single touch.

For users of Windows 7, would still need adaptation to long to get used to Windows 8. When you want to go into desktop mode, you can click on one tile that is a shortcut to the desktop. But once get into the desktop, there are usually a lot of changes, but no longer used in Windows 8. For example, start menu feature.

To access the application, you can browse through the search feature that emerges from the right side of the screen. However, if you browse a variety of tips and tricks about Windows 8 on various internet sites, you will discover how interesting this operating system, although the adaptation takes a long time.

Although innovative, but for multitasking users have to work hard. For example, if a user wants to type using the notepad application, but at the same time to open a web page, the application will display a minimaze. But it turns out, this only applies to non-Microsoft browsers. Therefore, multitasking can be done when you open Internet Explorer, which is Microsoft's default browser.

Windows 8 also allows synchronization with different devices based on Windows 8. Simply plug in, after a notification will appear in the tile. Then, update the files will run automatically.

Of course this will be a mainstay of Microsoft to create Windows-based ecosystem. Moreover, if the user's Windows 8 also uses your Windows Phone 8, then the ecosystem will be more useful, because the setting data will be easy to do.

Excellence VivoBook ASUS S400:

- Touch screen with intuitive touch experience Windows 8
- Sync to multiple devices based on Windows
- Simple design and wide
- Inter-device ecosystem


- The battery lasts only 4 hours
- Fingerprints visible on the screen, especially when the screen is turned off

Category Spesification
Dimensions33.9 x23.9x 2.1 cm
Weight1.9 Kg
Operating SystemWindows 8
Display14-inch, 1366x768 resolution, 111 ppi
ProcessorIntel Ivy Bridge Core i3-3217U
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 4000
Memory1600 MHz DDR 3 4 GB, 24 GB SSD
Connectivity2 USB ports, 1 USB 3.0, WiFi
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