This Smartphone Product That Will Compete In 2013

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Smartphone manufacturers will compete to provide its flagship products in 2013. Rumors are circulating in late 2012 that will be a lot of smartphone products with outstanding advantages given product.

Splendor of the world smartphone market to make the producers more incentive to promote either through photographs published or uploaded in video form through various social networking sites.


As to whether the smartphone will be a formidable competitor in the market, we quote the following from the Know Your Mobile, 8 smartphone that is rumored to be enriching the smart phone market.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note III

The mobile device that has jumbo is expected to be the successor of the Galaxy Note II, a popular phablet Samsung in 2012.

From the news circulated Galaxy Note III will come with a 6.3-inch OLED display brings in September 2013.

2. Samsung Galaxy S IV

At the end of the end of 2012, a lot of rumors about the next generation Galaxy S III.

Smartphone is rumored to be one is sleeker and lighter, as well as a bigger screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1800 pixels. Galaxy IV called will be strengthened with 1.8GHz quad-core processor. Lots of rumors about the launch are between the months of April, May, and June.

But the party is not likely to launch Samsung Galaxy S IV at the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile Worlds Congress this year.

3. Smartphone BlackBerry 10 (BB10)

Waiting BlackBerry lovers will soon be over. Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry 10 smartphones will announce a new flagship product on January 30, 2013. BB10 is the first device to carry the 4.2-inch screen powered by a quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro.

4. iPhone 5s

Rumors Apple smartphone is among the most widely circulated in cyberspace before it officially launches. Just like the previous generation, iPhone 5s have also been much discussed.

This smartphone will reportedly have a design are like iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen, but it will be packed with 4G LTE network. The new iPhone is called the operating system will run iOS7 Distinct interface and features than its predecessor.

5. Sony Xperia Z

This is one of the ultimate smartphone Sony were widely reported. Xperia Z is rumored to be carrying the 5-inch LCD screen with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro.

Carrying a 12 megapixel main camera, the Sony Xperia Z will be exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and Mobile World Congress in February.

6. Nexus 5

Although the Google Nexus 4 new slide in November 2012, but the presence of the successor series smartphone has emerged that Nexus 5. Smartphone is rumored to be carrying the 5-inch screen with a 2500 mAh battery and LTE connection.

Reportedly, Google Android smartphone successor to the Nexus brand will be manufactured by HTC. If proven true, then this is the second time produces HTC Nexus smartphone.

7. HTC M7

New smartphone "HTC" is rumored to have a code name of M7. HTC M7 is likely to be the biggest and best of the HTC with 4.7 screens (468ppi).

A quad-core processor 1.7 GHz phones that reportedly will strengthen carrying the latest Android operating system are widely reported that Key Lime Pie. The possibility of smart mobile devices will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in January or the Mobile World Congress in February.

8. Huawei Ascend W1 and Ascend D2

Warmest news came from the so-called HTC will launch two new devices at the Consumer Electronics Show that Ascend W1 and Ascend D2.

So far, of the outstanding photo, Ascend W1 wrapped with white and blue color options. It is not yet known who served smartphone specs. While Ascend D2, is rumored to have a 5-inch screen, quad-core processor 1.5 GHz, 13-megapixel main camera, and the Android OS.

The number of smartphone products that will be released in 2013 is to make the consumer has many options to suit a purpose and desire.
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