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iPhone first launched in 2007. Apple as a manufacturer of the device provides multiple capacity options, the first-generation iPhone, there are two choices of capacity, the 8GB and 16GB. While the latest generation iPhone "iPhone 5", Apple provides three capacity options, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

In three capacity options on the latest generation iPhone is no difference in the specification. But the differences are far enough in the price.

The price difference is big enough to make prospective buyers get confused when going to buy it. Many are wondering whether to buy an iPhone with the largest capacity, 64GB? Or the iPhone 5 with a capacity of 16GB.

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Actually none of the answers really sure, because no one can tell which product is most suitable capacity before you try all of these models and determine capacity needed through trial and error.

So, how to choose the most suitable space on your iPhone? Here we quote from the Huffington Post, some reference to determine the capacity of the iPhone which is best for you.

1. How many music files you want to save?

Most who use the iPhone is as a digital music player. To be able to easily access the music files on the go, users store music files on the device.

Then how many music files that can be stored in each 1GB? To answer that question, let's make an assumption. For 128kbps music files with duration of 4 minutes, usually has a size of 4MB. Thus, one gigabyte in each device can store about 250 music files.

For the record, this is not an assumption that is really appropriate for a lot of music files have a size larger or smaller than 4MB. However, these calculations can give some idea how many songs can be stored in 1GB capacity.

There are ways that can properly give you an idea about the amount of required files. Users can make a list beforehand who wants to put music to the phone via iTunes. Once completed, iTunes will automatically deliver massive amounts of file playlist.

If it turns out the song list has a size greater than 10GB, you should choose iPhone users with up to 16GB capacity.

2. How many photos you want to keep?

iPhone 5 has a camera of 8 megapixel image sensor. The resulting images were quite well-known. Therefore, it is believed many users will take photos and videos using the camera.

There is no accurate way to determine the amount of file photos taken using the iPhone. However, let us return to make assumptions.

A photo taken with the iPhone 5 usually has a size of up to 2.3 MB or about 435 photos per gigabyte in the iPhone.

This figure is an extraordinary amount of money, so that iPhone 16GB is enough to store tens of thousands of photos. Consumers actually can back up photos to cloud computing-based applications, such as Flickr, Google Drive, or Dropbox. After finishing backed up, users can delete the photos on the iPhone so that the storage medium of your iPhone will be back "relief".

Video requires a larger space than photos. Video with duration of 1 minute usually has a file size of 180MB. If you want to take a lot of video, you should choose the iPhone with a larger capacity.

3. How many applications you want to download?

All common applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, have the file size is not too large. For example, Facebook has a size of 19MB, 10MB Twitter, and Google Maps 6.7 MB.

However, these measures will continue to grow if used frequently. For example, the application files size 339MB Twitter could evolve into after 1 year of use. This can happen because these applications store data, such as images that are on the timeline.

Applications with high graphics, such as games, usually have a larger file size.

In conclusion, if you want to store a lot of music files, songs, videos, and applications in the iPhone, you should choose a large capacity, which is between 32GB and 64GB.

However, if you just need to browse and read email via phone, choose iPhone with the smallest capacity, the 16GB.

In conclusion, when I want to buy an iPhone, adjust to your needs. Will be used for what you want to buy iPhone.
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