Application "Bang With Friends", Get a Friend To Have Sex

Bang With Friends is the latest application found on social networking Facebook. The application offers an anonymous method to find friends online who are ready to meet and have sex.

Bang With Friends

Applications "Bang With Friends" can help anonymous users to find friends who are like pairs at night. Still, on the basis of interest between the two users.

Previously, the user application must first sign up. After that, he will know who his friends on Facebook, which has also been registered in the application.

When you get to the application, the screen will be displayed profile pictures of your friends are of the opposite sex. Then, in each profile there is a button "Down to Bang" that you can click to indicate that you are sexually attracted to him.

Then the button changes to "Awaiting to Bang", but have not told the purpose of you. Except, if the fellow is already the same user clicks the "Down to Bang" on his opponent Facebook account.

If you are equally matched, then the application will give you an e-mail to the e-mail address listed on Facebook, to let you know that both of you like.

Although the methods used in this application is "anonymous". However, there are serious errors that can cause big problems for its users. Is it?

As with other Facebook applications, when users register the application then Facebook will ask if you are sure for using the Facebook application and willing to tell your friends?

For those who are not careful and sober reading of its provisions, it will make users blushed. Except if you already know the consequences.

Currently, the application Bang With Friends has recorded about 100,000 registered users. Do you want to try it?