Harlem Shake Attacked Facebook and Google Employees

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Harlem Shake attacked two office technology, Facebook and Google. 30-second video, the viewer can see the action "Crazy" second employee of the office.

Internet memes a video that has been described as 'Harlem Shake' was also struck two offices leading technology, Facebook and Google. Video created Facebook employees taken at their headquarters located in California. So is Google, as seen in the video, the employees act in the office courtyard decorated with statues of the Android operating system.

What is Harlem Shake? For those who only heard of the term, YouTube has an explanation.

Harlem Shake is known as a dance move in the 1980's and a title track was produced by Baauer. A Vlogger (video blogger) named Filthy Frank is touted as the first to be responsible for this meme where he uploading video in early February.
google harlem shake video

Since then, similar videos spread quickly on the internet, each flavored with a different creativity and a well varied, from the office, to the military. Almost all invite laughter, although there is also a look 'flat'.

Video Harlem Shake carrying the 'scenario' the same outline. The people get started dancing in the midst of deliberately created 'cool calm' and look no attention to that person. However, lately, the whole room started to come dancing with a different style. In fact they often wear clothes and accessories 'unique'.

YouTube noted, on February 11, 2013, approximately 12,000 video 'Harlem Shake' has been posted on its services since the beginning of the month. As tens of thousands of creative nan silly video has been seen by 44 million times.
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