Students of UGM, Making Games Therapy for Sufferer’s Dyslexia

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Kinect-based Dyslexia Therapy, is the application of therapeutic games for people with Dyslexia. Applications that is useful for understanding the letter and trains use left and right brain well for people with Dyslexia

Game application "Kinect-based Dyslexia Therapy" was developed by a group of students from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia. This application is run using Microsoft Kinect gaming device.

"Generally, children with dyslexia have trouble to say about words and letters. Yet if forced to say these words every day is certainly boring. Consequently they tend to be emotional and lazy," said Mohammad Risqi Utama Saputra, members of the game development team UGM, Yogyakarta,Indonesia, Sunday (02/03/2013).

For this reason, Risqi game and his team developed an application called Kinect-based Dyslexia Therapy. The team is named LexiPal consists of six members, namely Risqi, Kuntoro Adi Nugroho, Vina Sectiana Amretadewi, Taufiq Almahsyur, Vremita Desectia Amretasari, and Frances Vena.

lexipal team

Meanwhile, according to Vremita, his team used the Microsoft Kinect as the game can help run a therapy that could overcome a learning disability in reading people.

People with dyslexia are very difficult to cure medically. However, the effect can be minimized by doing therapy. Dyslexia itself is a neurobiological disorder that is often difficult to recognize the word correctly and the difficulty in the ability to encode a symbol.

According Vremita, because there is no formal research on dyslexia in Indonesia, they immediately go into the field. Research carried out for three months with her friends.

One of them is by visiting a few schools that have students with special needs and consult a psychologist to find out more about dyslexia.

Risqi added, there is actually no different in the way of teaching dyslexic children with normal children in teaching methods by utilizing information technology, one of the console's Kinect.

According to him, the game Kinect-based Dyslexia Therapy will make people more happy and enjoy. One of these features increases the Spelling / Pronouncing Games, the game is designed to encourage people with dislexia in pronouncing the letters / words are difficult to pronounce.

"Disability Dislexia say we'll ask the appropriate letters or words and the application will be analyzed with the help of speech recognition on Kinect," said Risqi.

Each time with Dislexia successful or pronounce the word correctly, a monkey in the application will climb up towards the banana dreams and applications will provide a certain number of points as a reward for success in doing therapy.

"Application game" Kinect-based Dyslexia Therapy "we made quite unique and innovative learning and facilitate patient. Lexipal team was awarded second best winner in the category of IT in the event Mandiri Young Technopreneurship recently," said Risqi.
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