Toshiba Tablet, Users First Chipset NVIDIA Tegra4

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Toshiba will use Tegra 4 in tablet production. Tegra 4 is the latest chipset from NVIDIA issued.

Latest chipset from NVIDIA will be the first time in use by Toshiba for tablet devices production, its plan of this tablet will be launched in June.

Compared to other smartphones and tablet vendor, this step is fairly speculative. Toshiba became the first company that will immerse NVIDIA Tegra 4 in tablets.

ASUS and Acer are more aggressive in sales of tablet market, not even issue a statement on the tablet will adopt Tegra 4 for 7-inch entry-level and 10-inch newest later.

Quoted from website Digitimes, ASUS and Acer tech companies are still hesitant to use Tegra4 on their devices. ASUS is still faithfully using chipsets made by Qualcomm, but still seems Tegra4 could be a backup.

Toshiba tablet with tegra 4
NVIDIA plans to cut production costs Tegra 3 to be used in tablet devices and mobile phones at affordable prices. Currently the price is still too high Tegra 3 deemed to be owned by a competitor MediaTek chipset and other chipset manufacturers from China.

Toshiba's decision to form the first adopters will immerse chipset technology Tegra 4 rated by observers is a courageous decision. But this is not impossible, given the Toshiba does not have a strong market in tablet devices. But it will be interesting to wait, what kind of tablets.
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