7 Benefits Of Playing Games For Health

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Not entirely playing games have negative consequences for users, but also can provide benefits. Here we inform you 7 health benefits of playing the game, which we have quoted from theweek.

1. Chronic Illness Therapy for Children

The University of Utah made a research on the effects of video games on children diagnosed with chronic diseases such as autism, depression, and Parkinson's disease.

The children who play that particular game showed signs of improvement in the resilience and fighting spirit in the face of their disease than those who do not play games.

2. Improve motor skills in preschool children (3-5 years)

Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, examined and declared it's OK to let kids ages four years playing video games in front of the television.

From a survey of 53 children under five who observed its development, it was found that those who play the "interactive game" will have the motor skills of the object better than those who do not.

3. Reduce Stress and Depression

2009's Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine observed that people who are having mental health problems such as stress and depression, they can vent their frustration by playing video games.

This study provides a hypothesis that certain games will allow them to avoid a certain level of stress. So it can help them to calm his mind.

7 benefits of playing games

4. Providing Pain Relief Effect

Video games not only reduce emotional pain, but also those who suffer from physical pain.

One Psychologist University of Washington develops a game that can help patients hospitalized for physical pain sufferers.

5. Improve Your Vision

Often we hear that are too old to sit in front of the TV is not good for eye health. But there is a developmental psychologist from McMaster University, dr. Dephen Maurer found different results.

Maurer said that people suffering from cataract can improve their vision by playing a shooting game like Medal of Honor and CALL OF DUTY. The game requires attention, training, and high adrenaline.

6. Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Playing video games will require quick reactions in making decisions concerning life and death virtual character.

The cognitive neuroscientists University of Rochester in New York found that games can provide a lot of games brain to infer information.

7. Giving happiness in old age

Researchers from North Carolina State University examining the relationship between playing video games with the mental well-being.

"Those who love to play video games have a higher level of happiness, while those not playing video games are actually negative emotions such as depression," said a researcher at Psych Central Rick Nauert.

Those 7 benefits of playing games for health, so do not be afraid to play the game and use the rest for a good game and if it feels tired.
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