Seagate Wireless Plus, Hard Drive With Wi-Fi Feature

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One such company is the world's largest hard drive "Seagate" introducing a highly innovative new products "Seagate Wireless Plus". The storage device is based on Wi-Fi, so users do not need to first connect to the Internet or even have cable.

Users of mobile devices will usually require additional devices for data storage. Data storage capacity is limited to the tablet and smartphone users looking to make enhancements, especially when the user has a high level of mobility. Obviously, users need additional storage portability support, to enjoy and store multimedia files in their entirety. To answer will issue, Seagate introduced with the release Seagate Wireless Plus storage solutions.

Since the hard drive is to use the Wi-Fi, the device Wireless Plus should still be taken while mobile users. Seagate claims access to the storage space can reach up to 46 meters. The device is also able to access the eight devices simultaneously.


Capacity Seagate Wireless Plus comes with 1 TB of storage space, which can load the file up to 500 high-definition movies or HD. Thus, users can be comfortable in much access content in mobile.

Before access, users need to install the application Seagate Media Apps advance, available for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. This application is also compatible with any device that can connect to Wi-Fi networks, including BlackBerry and Windows devices.

In addition, it also supports Wireless Plus content to the big screen, as the devices gaming consoles, smart TV or Blu-ray player and DLNA devices.

For users of Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV, users can install apps Seagate Media to access content on the hard drive. This device operates using a battery that is claimed to last for 10 hours. Seagate Wireless Plus at a price tag of U.S. $ 199.
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