Tennis In The Face Support for Windows 8, Download Now

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Popular game "Tennis in the Face" officially launched 10tons for Windows 8 operating system. Finnish game developers intentionally make games that support the latest OS from Microsoft that users can play this game on Windows updates.

10tons inform, Tennis in the Face games can be played on Windows 8 because it has been optimized to support a device that uses a touch screen, both for smarthpone and tablets.


Games that tell Pete Pagassi struggle as the main character, Pete Pagassi duty to save the city from the evil energy drink company called Explodz. Lead character is going to fight against an enemy, like a creepy clown, riot police, as well as Explodz addicted maniac with a tennis ball in the face.

Pete Pagassi must bounce a tennis ball through a wall, so that the enemy can hide. 10tons itself brings Tennis in the Face the pay system is priced at $ 2, 99. However, there is a trial version of the game and can be downloaded for free here.

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