mOwayduino Robot Based On Arduino Technology

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mOwayduino is a free hardware robot based on Arduino technology  and programmable
indifferent languages, such as Arduino IDE, Scratch, Python and Java. It is a product for all ages, a product for people to become familiar with the world of programming and apply this to a real environment and would also develop the creativity and sense of logic and imagination.

mOwayduino robot is an already built platform which includes everything you need to start working:

• Arduino Leonardo based robot (ATmega 32u4)
• 4 anti-collision infrared sensors
• 1 directional light intensity sensor
• 2 opto-reflective infrared sensors for the floor
• Bicoloured luminous indicator on top
• Frontal LED
• Red rear LEDs
• 3-axis accelerometer
• Microphone
• RF communication based on nRF24L01+
• LiPo battery rechargable via USB
• 2 hours without external power supply
• Prepared for collaborative robotics
• Expansion modules

It is a compact design which you can extend adding accessories.

Computer Vision System

mOwayduino Camera is a vision system that connects to mOwayduino's expansion slot. You will be able to see real-time images captured by the camera on the PC screen and create computer vision applications: recognizing shapes and colors, control the robot with visual codes, make mOwayduino find objects, etc.

Wi-Fi. Internet of things

This module adds an internet connection to mOwayduino and provides it with a client/web server. You will be able to develop a number of different applications:
·    Control mOwayduino from your mobile devices, tablets, telephones etc.
·    Consult social networks and any Internet website
·    Send e-mails
·    Control mOwayduino's movements via its webserver
·    And any more...

Maker Kit

Personalised electronic circuits can be created and added to let the imagination soar with mOwayduino and the maker kit.

The robot has been created by Minirobots, a Spanish company, which is working to launch the product in Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Minirobots is a Start up but with a very clear idea about what they want to offer society. Their aim is to develop resources that bring technology to society and make programming accessible to everyone.

The programming is the present and the future and with mOwayduino Minirobots wants to make
programming accessible to everyone and take mOwayduino worldwide.

If you believe in their idea, help them to make mOwayduino happen through Indiegogo.
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