Nexus Wireless Charger

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The sophisticated wireless charging comes again from Nexus. This Nexus Wireless Charger is the helpful charger for your gadget. You can add this wireless charger to your phone, tablet and others. The wireless enables you to have the internet access around your environment. The Nexus Wireless Charger is made by the Google for the second edition. This may the great product of Google to support the nexus phone or tablet.

The nexus phone and tablet have plugged this Google Wireless Charger well with the blue box of this Nexus Wireless Charger. The charger look also follows the trend. This blue box will lift the lid off and the wireless charger will be positioned on that blue box. This wireless charger’s shape is a small square about 2.36 inches on every side and 3.7 ounces weight. This feature enables the user to carry it everywhere because it’s slim. The product is really simple to carry everywhere accompanying your nexus phone or tablet.

This kind of Nexus Wireless Charger is compatible for many types of Nexus like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 7. This is the great news for those who want to purchase it. Besides it is compatible for many types of nexus, this kind of product also has so many functions for wireless and charging. The users just need to set the phone or tablet on top of this Google Wireless Charger for charging. The charger will work as soon as possible since the magnet pulls the device into the place.


This feature is really useful for the nexus users. This can be helpful to support their activities through the use of the gadget. The use of the Nexus Wireless Charger will support the access of any nexus phone or tablet. Therefore, the use of this charger completes the nexus phone by the high speed of the charging. It may only need the short time for fully charging.

On the whole, the design of this Nexus Wireless Charger might be better from the previous design of the Nexus 4. The sophisticated side is also better rather than the previous product. This is possible for most of users to have the new Nexus 5 for their new budget. This can be the interesting and good news for the budget lover to glance it for their next collection of the budget rather than lose it for the other gadget product. 
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